BPCE to pilot cards with mini-screen security codes




BPCE to pilot cards with mini-screen security codes

MOTION CODE: French banks' payment cards will be first to use OT's crytogram solution

France's second largest banking group BPCE is to pilot a payment card that replaces the three-figure security code on the back of the card with a mini-screen that displays a code which automatically changes periodically.

The cards,aimed at improving the security of online payments, are to be provided by Oberthur Technologies(OT) in partnership with payment services provider Natixis Payment Solutions and will be the first to use OT's Motion Code cryptogram solution. They will be piloted by the French banks Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne with 1000 customers in September 2015.

'This innovative technology adds a new layer of security to online transactions, but with complete transparency for cardholders and retailers,' OT explains.'For holders of this new generation payment card, the solution is completely transparent and involves no change to the normal purchasing process.'

'The only visible difference is the three-figure cryptogram mini-screen on the back of the card. Because this technology allows the card security code to be regularly and automatically changed, the system prevents fraudsters stealing the code either visually or online. For e-retailers, the solution requires no change in their online payment acceptance system, either in form of a new plug-in or a new payment button.'

'The Banque Pppulaire and Caisse d'Epargne networks will be the first banks in the world to give their customers the opportunity to experiment with this new payment card technology to make their online purchases even more secure,' says Nicolas Chatillon, head of development of payments, strategc marketing and studies at BPCE.

'This initiative is an integral part of the BPCE Group's commitment to payment solutions and its determination to step up the battle against fraud.'

'Motion Code is a revolutionary innovation that ensures maximum security of payments made over the internet in the form of a solution that can be rolled out rapidly and can deliver an excellent customer experience,' adds Eric Duforest, managing director of OT's payment business unit.'OT is ready to deploy this offer for universal adoption by all users in all markets.'