Eco-paper Inlay
Eco-paper Inlay

Coil size: 275mm (maximum width)

Large sheet size: 500×275mm (maximum size)

Optional thickness: 0.07~0.12mm

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Thanks to advanced biodegradable RFID antenna technology. The use of pure paper to replace plastic antenna substrates such as PET has the advantages of 100% green, renewable, high reliability, and high price.

The RFID antenna is printed on the surface of the paper using the conductive paste of nano silver-coated copper technology, which has the advantages of good bending resistance, high conductivity, high chemical stability, and resistance to oxidation.

Eco-friendly card


Ø   Shipment form: roll material, large sheet

Ø   Inlay specifications

Coil size: 275mm (maximum width)

Large sheet size: 500×275mm (maximum size)

Optional thickness: 0.07~0.12mm

Ø   Personalized service

Chip encoding: initialization, personalization

Reprocessing: compounding, printing


Ø   100% green and environmental protection. No plastic, no pollution, recyclable

Ø   Simple production process. Support rapid production and large energy advantages

Ø   Good fragility. Paper-based antenna, supporting applications such as anti-counterfeiting RFID

Ø   High performance price. Compared with the cost of aluminum etching RFID antenna

Ø   Various product forms. HF, UHF Inlay, cards, labels, etc.

Ø   Ability to professional design, customized service, fast proofing and delivery

Base material

Coated paper / fragile paper / kraft paper / thermal paper

RFID chip


NXP Mifare Series, ICode Series, Ntag Series, ST25TA Series etc.


NXP Icode Series, ST25TB Series etc.

UHF ISO18000-6C

NXP UCode Series, Impinj Monza Series, Alien Higgs Series, Kiloway Series etc.


HF 13.56MHz, UHF 860~940MHz

Antenna & Inlay

Size and performance can be customized and designed on behalf of customers, or according to customer specifications

Operating temperature


Storage temperature