Temperature NFC Tag GTT35R
Temperature NFC Tag GTT35R

Model: GTT35R

FPC Size: φ35mm, thickness less than 1mm

Watreproof: IPX7

Protocol: ISO/ICE 14443A / NFC Forum Type2

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※ High-precision temperature measurement NFC tag can be customized according to requirements

※ Can be embedded in the incubator shell to prevent disassembly

※ Operating Temperature: Temperature Probe -40°C~+85°C;NFC Tag -40°C~+85°C

※ The measurement accuracy is up to ±0.1°C

Temperature NFC Tag GTT35R

※ Compatible with NFC Forum Type 2, ISO/IED 14443Type A

※ Waterproof grade IPX7

※ FPC size is φ35mm, thickness less than 1mm