HF LED Label
HF LED Label

Product: RFID HF LED Label Series

Chip Type: FM11NT021TT

Resonant Frequency: 14.3+/-0.5MHz

Standard Protocol: ISO/IEC 14443-A

Working Temperature: -40~85°C

MOQ: 1000PCS

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RFID Inlay carrying with luminous LED, used to produce any size label, helpful to indicate the item status and location info!

Through RFID reader or phone device, to read and query label with specific number, trigger Led-on brightly!

Support NFC, 14443A, 15693 chips, and enable traditional RFID printer amazing working!

Product Feature

Red or Green of LED color are available:

- When Label near to reader or phone, RFID chip could be Read & Write, at the same time LED shining.

Ultra-thin technology:

- Suitable for product which have the thinner thickness requirement of printing or label.

- Thickness of LED chip only 120um, special mass production technolgy

- The antenna adopts single etched aluminum bridge technology. After converting, the finished product thickness will be thinner than ordinary antenna with double etched aluminum!

Suitable for the printing of label

- Both luminous LED and NFC chip could meet the requirement of printing or converting!

Specification of HF LED luminous label

Taking FM11NT021TT as an example of NFC luminous label

ParameterParameter ValueUnit
Chip TypeFM11NT021TT
Standard ProtocolISO/IEC 14443-A
Resonant Frequency14.3+/-0.5MHz
Memory Capacity144Bytes
Working Temperature-40~85°C
Storage Condition20°C~30°C/20%~60%RH
Reading Distance>=10mm(Base on HUAWEI NOVA7)
Chip UID7Bytes
Data Storage100,000 times, More than 10 years
Rate of Data Transmission106Kbit/s

General Specification

※ Common design structure: PET+Al Antenna

※ Antenna substrate: PET

※ Antenna material: Al etching

※ Inlay Aize: Customized

※ LED Position: Customized

※ Antenna Lyout: Could design

※ Working Mode: Passive

※ LED: Red, Green